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7 Powerful Beta Alanine And Creatine Stacking Benefits

7 Powerful Beta Alanine And Creatine Stacking Benefits

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

In an ideal world for most athletes, they would always want to train as long as possible to maximize their efforts. However, there are times when your body may feel exhausted, depleted, or lacking energy which directly impacts strength output and the ability to endure.

Combining beta alanine and creatine can be a game-changer for 

Stacking Beta Alanine And Creatine

Stacking beta-alanine and creatine is a popular and synergistic approach for individuals aiming to enhance their athletic performance and muscle-building efforts. Beta-alanine is an amino acid that plays a key role in buffering lactic acid, which can help delay the onset of muscle fatigue during intense exercise. Creatine, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring compound that aids in the production of ATP, the primary energy currency of cells. When these two supplements are combined, the benefits can be complementary. Beta-alanine addresses the fatigue associated with high-intensity workouts, allowing individuals to push through more repetitions, while creatine provides the energy substrate needed for these extended efforts. This combination has been shown to improve strength, power output, and overall exercise performance.

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What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine is a nutrient categorized as a nonessential amino acid because it can be produced naturally from other amino acids in the body. This is unlike essential amino acids that have to be obtained directly from food.

Together with histidine, beta-alanine is used to produce carnosine which is then stored in your skeletal muscles. Carnosine is the essential nutrient that mitigates lactic acid accumulation in your muscles when doing vigorous exercises. Hence, it improves the overall athletic performance.

Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme is a combination of Carnosyn Beta Alanine and the amino acid L-Histidine to effectively delay muscle fatigue and extend training.

How Beta-Alanine Works

Generally, the levels of histidine are high compared to the levels of beta-alanine. The difference in the concentration levels usually limits the production of carnosine hence the fatigue. However, you can supplement beta-alanine to elevate the muscle level by over 75%. Moreover, carnosine acts in the following ways during exercise.

  • Breaking down of glucose: Glucose is broken down in glycolysis to produce the energy required during high-intensity exercise.
  • Production of lactate: During glycolysis, lactic acid is produced and converted to lactate to produce Hydrogen ions (H+).
  • Acidity in the muscles: The Hydrogen ions (H+) are vital since they lower your muscle's PH, making them more acidic.
  • Fatigue setting in: Once the muscles become acidic, the conditions prevent the breaking down of glucose, reducing the muscle's ability to contract to cause fatigue.
  • Carnosine buffer mechanism: Carnosine comes in and acts as a buffer against acidity in the muscles during high-intensity exercise sessions. As such, our beta-alanine supplements help increase carnosine levels in muscles, thus reducing acidity during your gym sessions. This reduces fatigue immensely.

Carnosyn Beta Alanine effectively buffers against lactic acid build-up to help athletes train at a higher level of intensity, with less fatigue, and greater strength.

How Does Beta-Alanine Dosing Work While Using With Creatine

Carnosyn Beta-alanine supplements provide a potent stimulant for enhancing energy levels. Hence, they are best taken pre-workout. Besides, you will only realize the supplement's benefits once the concentration of carnosine has reached its required levels. Therefore, the time you decide to take your supplements does not matter compared to daily intake consistency.

Notably, once you begin taking beta alanine, your muscle fiber and the amount of carnosine in your muscle will not necessarily affect the supplements' impact. Also, individual dosage sizes will not affect the concentration of muscle carnosine that you wish to achieve. Instead, the total dosage time will have a say in the muscle concentration levels.

Individuals should also understand that the response to using beta-alanine supplements increases gradually with time. This is due to the long clearance time of the muscle carnosine concentrations. Once you have achieved your required concentration of muscle carnosine, you can stop the dosage gradually. This will cause the elevated levels to begin dropping by at least 2% every two weeks.

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine is produced naturally by the body, though in small quantities. After creatine is created, it is converted to Phosphocreatine in the muscles. Phosphocreatine then catalyzes the concentration of Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP), which replenishes the muscle's energy reserves. Therefore, creatine is essential to push the athlete further and produce better training results.

Creatine also helps to increase the capacity of the muscles to fill with water. This process is known as cell volumization, and it allows the muscles to expand which can support growth.

Prolab Creatine Monohydrate is a pure, micronized creatine monohydrate that can be used to saturate the muscles to create greater stores of creatine reserves to be used to increase power, strength, and size.

The Importance of Stacking Beta Alanine And Creatine Together

Beta Alanine and creatine have been tested and proven to produce tremendous results regarding endurance and prevention of muscular fatigue. Furthermore, both supplements work synergistically together to attain tailor-made endurance-related results.

Additionally, both supplements can be termed as catalysts of each other, thus improving their potency strength. Below are 7 benefits of using beta-alanine and creatine together:

  • Enhance lean body composition
  • Active strength boosters
  • Build muscle mass
  • Increase aerobic endurance
  • Buffer muscle fatigue
  • Boost mental clarity and focus
  • Improve recovery rates

Using a beta alanine and creatine stack can supply your body with plenty of muscle-building amino acids to fuel greater gains and faster recovery.

Assemble your muscle building stack by selecting each of the following supplements: Beta-Alanine Extreme and Creatine Monohydrate.

The Best Way To Use A Beta Alanine And Creatine Stack

Stacking beta alanine and creatine supplements together can help you reap the most rewards from your workouts. Using each supplement individually can produce dramatic results, even during the first couple of weeks. With successive intake, your body adapts and begins to build resistance. However, a beta alanine and creatine stack can lead to more impressive results compared to the individual intake of each supplement.

Most fitness enthusiasts believe in an on and off-cycle on using supplements to fast track the process while giving the body a "rest". Even though this action will still produce results, you will compromise on consistency in the long run. We recommend long-term usage of the beta alanine and creatine to achieve your fitness goals.

Combining beta alanine and creatine together should be based on your individual goals. Below is a timeline to help effectively stack the two supplements together:

We recommend front-loading beta-alanine for a couple of weeks before incorporating creatine. By doing this, you will gradually increase the levels of carnosine within your body. You can begin with 3-5 grams of beta-alanine for a month to help boost carnosine production levels by over 60%.

Following this period of frontloading Beta-Alanine you can incorporate a daily intake of 5 grams of creatine into your program and carry on with the cycle for the next 10-12 weeks.

Alternatively, if you plan to use an extended cycle of beta alanine and creatine together, forget about the front-loading beta-alanine phase. Go straight to using both supplements concurrently.

Your daily intake should include one serving of 5 grams of creatine and roughly 3-4 servings of 800-1000 milligrams of beta-alanine (totaling around 3-4 grams).

Also, space out Beta-alanine intake four times daily with a meal, ensuring that two of your servings take place before and after working out. On the other hand, creatine intake can be pre-workout or post-workout.

It is also best to drink plenty of water while using a beta alanine and creatine stack, around a gallon a day. It will also be helpful to you to keep a log of your growth to monitor your results while supplementing with this stack.


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What Foods Contain Beta Alanine And Creatine?

The primary sources for these supplements include poultry, fish, and meat. Although these foods also provide arsenine and carsonine, upon digestion, they break free to essential and nonessential amino acids. From the nonessential amino acids, your body gets beta-alanine deposited in the muscles to reduce fatigue levels.

Studies have shown that over 50% of vegans and vegetarians have less carnosine in the muscles than omnivores. Even though you can obtain sufficient amounts of beta-alanine from your daily diet, we recommend using supplements to raise its levels further, especially if you do vigorous exercises daily.

What are the Safety and Side Effects of Beta-alanine and Creatine?

Beta-alanine may cause paresthesia. This is a tingling sensation that experience on your skin, popularly described as "tingling of the skin". Moreover, this sensation is commonly felt on the neck, back, and face. Notably, the tingling increases with the increase in dosage. Additionally, the sensation varies with individuals since people's skins vary.

However, this sensation can be avoided by a small dosage intake, taking around 700-800 milligrams per serving. Alternatively, you can spread the dosing protocol to enhance its absorption and control the body's uptake receptors' oversaturation. The good news is that no study has shown that paranesthesia is harmful to your body and the only effect is the tingling sensation.

The other possible side effect is the reduction of taurine levels in your body. Both taurine and beta-alanine are always in competition for absorption in the muscles. Hence, supplementing the naturally produced beta-alanine in your body overpowers the absorption level for taurine.

On the other hand, creatine contains many myths concerning its side effects, but none of them has been supported by credible research. However, the International Society of Sports and Nutrition (ISSN) considers creatine one of the safest and beneficial sports supplements.

The ISSN has backing from leading researchers who also share the same opinion on the safety of creatine. Moreover, creatine is vital in treating various such as concussions, muscle loss, diabetes, and neuromuscular disorders.


For athletes, the use of a beta-alanine and creatine stack can deliver impressive results. Plus, both supplements are extremely affordable and considered by many to be the best legal and innate performance boosters.