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Best Beta Alanine Supplement + Benefits & Uses

Best Beta Alanine Supplement + Benefits & Uses

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

Using the best beta alanine can be very beneficial if you want to build serious muscle. This legal muscle-building amino acid buffers lactic acid to enable which delays fatigue and helps extend high-intensity workouts.

Recent studies prove that Beta-Alanine is an excellent supplement that can help build muscle. The evidence is increasingly in favor of this supplement's ability to prolong stamina, reduce muscle soreness and increase strength.

Many supplements only have a small amount of scientific evidence in their favor. However, the best Beta-Alanine is different. Large and recent studies prove the effectiveness of this supplement and its ability to actually works:

Beta Alanine and BCAA

What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine is an amino acid called carnosine. Histamine combines with Beta-alanine to produce carnosine. The best beta-alanine is useful for bodybuilders and athletes because it supports prolonged stamina and can help reduce muscle soreness both during and after training allowing for faster recovery time between sets and between workouts.

What Does Beta-Alanine Do?

Beta-alanine raises the concentration of carnosine in your muscles. The more beta-alanine you have in your body, the more carnosine your body can produce. Carnosine works wonders for muscle growth. Studies show that beta-alanine raises the level of carnosine in your muscles regardless of who you are. Combining Beta-Alanine with a healthy diet, quality protein powder, and intense training can drastically improve muscle gains and strength.

A supplement like Beta-Alanine Extreme that can reliably get carnosine into your muscles will benefit your training goals!

best beta alanine

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What Are The Beta-Alanine Effects On Endurance?

When you exercise, your muscles create lactic acid. Heavy exercise such as weight lifting produces a lot of it. As lactic acid builds up in your muscles, you experience discomfort, tire out, and have to stop. Anything that can prevent lactic acid buildup can improve your endurance in the gym. Beta-alanine is one of the building blocks of carnosine, which delays lactic acid accumulation.

Using beta-alanine will delay fatigue and enable you to work your muscles harder, with extended and additional sets.

While your body stores some carnosine in your muscles naturally, it is not nearly enough. It won't last long during a heavy weight lifting session. If you take beta-alanine, your body can produce a lot of carnosine during the workout so that you can endure longer workouts.

Again, beta-alanine has more research proving its effectiveness than most other supplements. Studies show that the supplement allows you to work out longer before reaching exhaustion. Beta-alanine is also effective with shorter, higher intensity training. Research shows that beta-alanine helps with faster training, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Beta-alanine may also help older adults, even if they do not train. The supplement helps people over the age of 55 to avoid neuromuscular fatigue.

Beta-alanine may have anti-aging effects and health benefits besides muscle building. The amino acid works as an antioxidant and may improve levels of nitric oxide in your body. An increase in Nitric Oxide allows blood to flow more easily because it causes your blood vessels to relax. This also helps your body to efficiently shuttle important nutrients to support muscle growth.

What Are Beta-Alanine Foods?

Chicken and turkey are the best sources. You can find beta-alanine in beef, fish, and in some soy (not recommended). Even though beta-alanine does exist within these foods it is not easy to can effective amounts of beta-alanine through foods alone.

Beta-Alanine is most effective in larger doses. If you are getting your beta-alanine only from food, it probably won't be enough unless you eat really a lot of poultry. There is a fairly large amount of beta-alanine in food, but beta-alanine is not the sort of thing that is effective in smaller doses.

Your body can also produce beta-alanine. You can produce a little in your intestines, but it is not enough. You can get enough beta-alanine from supplements and maybe, in some cases, from food.

Beta-Alanine Dosage For Bodybuilding

Beta Alanine for weightlifters

Endurance athletes use two to five grams per day. Doses for bodybuilders should be similar or at the high end of that range. You might experiment with higher doses, but it may not be necessary or more effective than a standard dose is. Prolab Beta-Alanine offers over three grams when using a daily dose.

What Supplements Are Best To Combine With Beta-Alanine?

Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme combining Carnosyn Beta-Alanine with L-Histidine is an effective pairing for buffering lactic acid and producing explosive power. Another choice is taurine, which goes well with the energy-boosting effect of the supplement.

Taurine is excellent because it provides a mental boost to coincide with increased levels of endurance. Beta-alanine will keep your muscles going, and the taurine will help keep you calm, focused, and positive. Beta-alanine is effective all on its own, however, its benefits can be enhanced alongside other supplements.

Citrulline malate is also good to pair with beta-alanine. Citrulline malate also works to prevents lactic acid buildup. Pairing two supplements that work together to keep lactic acid levels down, can help you train longer and harder.

When should you take beta-alanine?

Taking beta-alanine routinely and on schedule is the best way to take it. Using it often will help carnosine to accumulate in your muscles. Carnosine will stay in your muscles for a long time, even if you stop taking the supplement. Many people take beta-alanine before a workout to experience the tingling effects (which is harmless). We recommend spreading your dosing throughout the day in 800mg increments (2 capsules, four times daily with a meal.

What Is The Best Beta Alanine?

Carnosyn is the best beta-alanine available. Carnosine Supplements vary a lot in quality. At worst, one might buy a supplement that has been made using chemical agents that remain in the product. These supplements can be hazardous to your health and obviously, less effective.

Carnosyn is a patented and clinically studied form of beta-alanine. More than 55 studies prove the effectiveness of carnosyn beta-alanine. Also, it’s the only beta-alanine with both national and international certification. It’s been shown to be safe and effective.

Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme is a powerful blend of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and the amino acid L-Histidine.

Carnosyn® Beta Alanine enhances athletic performance and exercise capacity helping you build more lean muscle mass. Beta Alanine increases the carnosine levels inside your muscles. Through this increase, you can improve muscle recovery and fatigue post-training.

Does beta-alanine have side effects?

Other than a temporary tingling sensation along with hot flushes, which may worry some people but are harmless, you probably won't experience any.

The effects of using more beta-alanine than the recommended dose are not known. More than likely, you will experience drastically better results, so don't risk it. Doctors don't have enough information about much higher doses.

Some users report headaches on beta-alanine. Since beta-alanine is a vasodilator, it might give people headaches due to increased blood flow. Any of these side effects may disappear if you take a few smaller doses each day instead of one larger dose.

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Beta-Alanine Extreme floods the muscles with the specialized amino acid carnosine to work as a buffer against lactic acid buildup helping to allow higher intensity for a longer period before fatigue sets in.