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7 Powerful Essential Whey Protein Benefits With BCAAs

7 Powerful Essential Whey Protein Benefits With BCAAs

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

Protein is an essential macronutrient for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who work out regularly. It can be challenging for gym-goers to get their daily protein requirements from chicken breast, steak, and other sources. This is why supplementing with whey protein powder is important, however, not all whey protein powders are created equal.

Advanced Essential Whey Protein is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are looking to get the most value from a protein shake, add muscle, and recover faster from their workouts. Consider all of the benefits of whey protein along with why Advanced Essential Whey may be right for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein source that will help with the recovery process after an intense workout. A good whey protein supplement can help users recover quickly from their workouts. Athletes and individuals can take whey protein any time of the day; it doesn't have to be after your workout. Most people take whey protein powder during the day when they can't consume their meal. Supplementing with whey protein is a fantastic way to ensure quick recovery from workouts, as it can help users achieve their daily protein requirements.

A whey protein supplement can be used to make healthy snacks, such as protein brownies and pancakes. There are many recipes online to choose from, and those recipes can come in handy when someone is on a strict diet and is looking to curb their sweet tooth. A good source of whey protein will help users get their daily protein requirements, and it helps them recover quickly from their workouts, which means users can make faster progress.

What Is Advanced Essential Whey Protein?

Prolab's Advanced Essential Whey is made from the highest quality ingredients and provides users with 21 grams of extended-release protein that can be used anytime. Advanced Essential Whey can be used as a meal replacement or provide ongoing strength, growth, muscle repair, and continuous recovery after a workout.

Using a quality whey protein will fuel muscle growth by offering the following benefits:


The extended-release of this protein will help the body to stay in an anabolic state for a very long time. This means users will experience faster and better from their workouts.

Advanced Essential Whey has two different types of whey protein; the first one is whey isolate which will absorb quickly and start healing your muscles right away; the second one is whey concentrate protein which will repair muscle tissues throughout the day and keep users in an anabolic state. Most protein powders do not have this advanced extended-release system, making them far less superior to essential whey protein.


Effective whey proteins are loaded with at least 5 grams of BCAAs per serving, which helps the muscle recovery process to start right away. Most athletes and bodybuilders also supplement with BCAAs separately to support their recovery, but users can adequate doses of BCAAs from one source with essential whey. This can save some people time and money since they would be getting their protein requirements and their daily dose of BCAAs.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are important for digestive health, especially for someone consuming high amounts of protein. Advanced Essential Whey has additional high-quality digestive enzymes, which help facilitate proper digestion of protein. The digestive enzymes will help users reduce the risk of indigestion, bloating, and gas. But most importantly, digestive enzymes will help process all of the macronutrients consumed throughout the day.

Delicious Flavor

Whey protein shakes should taste amazing. The protein powders taste great are because of the high-quality flavors used to create this product. You should not have to compromise flavor and should expect an amazing taste without any unpleasant aftertaste. Most bodybuilders look forward to drinking their shake and consider it a treat after an intense workout.


Advanced Essential Whey Protein mixes easily, so users don't have to worry about any large clumps or chalky aftertaste. Using an ordinary shaker cup will suffice and get the same consistency from using a blender. The smooth mixability makes it a refreshing drink, but it can also make tasty whey protein-based treats. Since it mixes well, it will blend well with other ingredients, allowing users to make tasty treats.

Low Sugar Content (1 gram)

Advanced Essential Whey Protein powder only has one gram of sugar, which means users will not experience a sugar spike after drinking. If someone is on a strict diet or looking to control their sugar intake a low-sugar protein powder is ideal for a post-workout shake. Only one gram of sugar per serving makes Advanced Essential Whey a clean option when compared to most other protein powder options.

21 Grams Of Whey Protein with 28 Grams Of Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for building muscle, and this product has an abundance of amino acids. With 28 grams of amino acids per serving, athletes can ensure a quick recovery from their workout. This product also has 21 grams of protein per serving, which is similar to eating four eggs. It can also be used as a meal replacement, as the protein release is similar to a natural source of protein.

Who Should Use Whey Protein?

Whey protein powder is ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and those wanting to increase their protein intake. Advanced Essential Whey protein is made specifically for athletes and gym enthusiasts, as it has all of the vital ingredients users need to recover from their workouts.

Essential whey is not just another protein powder; it also has essential amino acids and enzymes to support health and well-being. This powder will help promote strength, add muscle, improve recovery, and increase athletic performance. Advanced Essential Whey can be used as a meal replacement, post-workout protein shake, and can also be consumed on non-training days to get adequate protein.

What Makes Advanced Essential Whey Protein Ideal For Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts?


The main thing that makes essential whey protein ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is the abundance of good ingredients. Essential whey only uses ingredients made from the highest quality sources, which means users will not have any side effects from consuming this product. Essential whey also has other additional components such as BCAAs and digestive enzymes, making this product a great buy.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are looking to save money by purchasing products on sale; this protein powder provides three of the best supplements in one package, which means you save money without compromising quality. If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast looking to save money and make progress in the gym or your sport, consider supplementing with Advanced Essential Whey.

Is It OK To Take Whey Protein For Beginners?

Anyone can use whey protein powder to get their daily protein requirements even if they are not an athlete. Advanced Essential Whey is made from natural and high-quality ingredients. Because it is made from two different protein sources, which allows for an extended-release of protein to support growth, recovery, and energy.

The extended-release of protein is quite similar to eating a chicken breast or steak and can be used as a meal replacement. Plus, this product has digestive enzymes, which most people don't get from their diet, so if someone is having difficulty achieving their protein requirements, then essential whey can be a good option.

Is Advanced Essential Whey Protein Banned In Any Sports?

No, this product is perfectly safe for competitive athletes to take. This product only consists of high-quality whey protein, BCAAS, and digestive enzymes, which are natural ingredients and will not make athletes fail a drug test. These ingredients are found naturally in foods that you eat throughout the day; it is simply a product that will supplement your protein requirement. This product is not a hormone or stimulant that will give athletes an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Who Can't Use This Product

Anyone who is healthy and has no medical conditions can use this product. If someone has any medical conditions, we recommend they consult with their doctor before consuming whey protein. Even though this product is made from safe and natural ingredients, it can be unsafe for some who are on certain medications. If someone is required to eat less protein or is not allowed to consume certain ingredients, this product might not be a good option. For most people, this product is safe and beneficial to consume and will not cause any side effects.

Advanced Essential Whey is an excellent supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and gym enthusiasts. If something is looking to get the most out of their workouts, adding high-quality whey protein to their diet is very beneficial. Not only is this product made from high-quality ingredients, but it also tastes fantastic and has only one gram of sugar per serving.

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