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4 Helpful Benefits Of Glutamine Recovery Supplements

4 Helpful Benefits Of Glutamine Recovery Supplements

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

Glutamine is an amino acid naturally produced by the body. These are molecules that perform a variety of jobs within the body. Primarily though, glutamine's essential function is to serve as building blocks for the creation of proteins. When these important building blocks are absent or reduced due to strenuous training, using supplements to support glutamine recovery can be very beneficial.

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Proteins are crucial for the body's organs because they protect them. Still, they also perform other functions, like transporting substances through the blood that serve to repair muscles and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

While it's true that the body does naturally create its own glutamine, there are still some circumstances where the need for amino acids is high and additional intake is necessary. Mixing a quality micronized glutamine supplement powder with your favorite beverage is a safe and convenient way to do so.

Like many other amino acids, glutamine offers many muscle recovery benefits. Glutamine exists in two different forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine; L-glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid in your blood and is found in fish, beef, chicken, beans, spinach, beets, cabbage, carrots, parsley, kale, papaya, wheat, Misco, and dairy products. Basically, any food that has protein in it will contain some glutamine.

How much glutamine you get every day is determined by your diet and how much you decide to supplement with while training. For most people, supplementing with 3-6g of it daily. Supplementing with Prolab Glutamine can replenish depleted stores, help build new lean muscle and protect hard-earned gains by supporting protein synthesis.

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How Much Glutamine Should I Take For Recovery?

Under ordinary circumstances, glutamine is perfectly safe; after all, it is naturally produced by your body. The amount of glutamine required for sufficient muscle recovery or additional supplementation is determined by the individual's distinctive needs. However, 3-6 grams per day is safe and beneficial for most people.

L-glutamine supplementation has been deemed safe unless there are special circumstances, such as illness, where you know you should not use this. Prolab Glutamine is a dietary supplement taken for muscle repair and growth. It is recommended that you take just one teaspoon per day, which amounts to 4.5g of powder. This serving size is enough for most people who want to use glutamine for muscle recovery. Even so, following intense workouts or perhaps your individual requirements for glutamine are higher than average, you can increase the dose without fear of side effects.

Plus, most Glutamine powders are flavorless, including Prolab's; all you have to do is mix this micronized powder into a glass of water or your preferred drink.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Glutamine?

Using a glutamine recovery supplement to support muscle recovery and ongoing growth has additional health benefits:

4 Benefits Of Taking Glutamine

  • Supports protein synthesis to build new and stronger muscle tissue following stress or strain
  • Provides energy to cells that protect intestine health
  • Fights against bacteria by strengthening cells within the immune system
  • Detoxifies the liver by helping regulate homeostasis

Furthermore, using glutamine supplements can help with significant health issues like cancer by helping to lessen the difficult effects of treatments, like oral inflammation, nausea, vomiting, and muscle deterioration.

What Does Glutamine Do After a Workout?

Using Glutamine to support muscle recovery after a workout can quicken the healing process by providing your body with important amino acids to help rebuild muscles. Glutamine will also help repair muscle damage caused by the stress placed on the tendons and fibers. Further, it helps to lessen fatigue and give you a boost of stamina. Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit greatly from a glutamine supplement after a workout because of its powerful muscle-repairing effects.

Glutamine also draws salt and water into muscle cells, helping hydrate and keeping them full and dense. A glutamine muscle recovery supplement like Prolab Glutamine can fuel endurance and help individuals recover quickly after strenuous training.

Even casual gym-goers can benefit from a glutamine recovery supplement because of its health and endurance supporting attributes.

Why You Might Have L-Glutamine Deficiency

There are many reasons why muscle cells suffer from L-glutamine deficiency. For example:

Major Infections - Cells in the immune system use glutamine at rates similar to glucose; when a person experiences conditions such as sepsis, liver problems, or is in the process of recovery from surgery or burns, that consumption increases.

Trauma - During trauma, the immune system requires additional glutamine to fight against infection and support recovery from injuries.

Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy - For the same reasons mentioned above, Glutamine stores are depleted, requiring additional supplementation to offset toxicity and ill effects.

Intense Workouts - Muscles break down while working out, which require proper nutrition to rebuild and recover effectively.

Immune Disorders - These illnesses also increase the immune system's glutamine usage, causing the need for this nutrient to increase, often at greater rates than what the body can produce.

Dietary Deficiency - If your body begins to require more glutamine than it can produce, it will begin to cannibalize muscle tissue as a protein source. This process will cause the muscle to deteriorate and a loss of strength.

Gastrointestinal Disorders - For example, patients with inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal issues normally exhibit low plasma and glutamine levels which can compromise their immune systems and increase potential health issues.

Severe Stress - When a person experiences high levels of stress, their body forces the release of cortisol, resulting in the breakdown of glutamine stores found in tissues. Glutamine can lower cortisol and help regulate it at a healthy level.

Glutamine Recovery Summary

Using a Glutamine recovery supplement to help preserve and protect muscle tissue is safe and beneficial for new muscle growth. Glutamine can also boost athletic performance and help individuals recover faster.

Quality glutamine recovery supplements will promote healthy muscles, ease soreness, and speed up your recovery time.


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Glutamine is the most abundant, naturally occurring amino acid in muscle tissue, but it can be depleted during prolonged training. Prolab Glutamine can help build and maintain lean muscle by replenishing depletes stores with sufficient serving sizes to protect hard-earned gains.