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#1 Best Weight Gainer For Women To Move The Scale Quickly

#1 Best Weight Gainer For Women To Move The Scale Quickly

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

Whether you are a fitness trainer looking to pack on some muscle mass or a thin woman looking to add a little weight in the right areas, gaining weight as a woman can be challenging.

Unlike some men, who can gain muscle mass by eating food rich in protein and working out, most female bodies are different, and often requires more than just consuming higher amounts of food to gain muscle mass in the right areas. In these cases, using the best mass gainer for women can be very beneficial.

The best weight gainer for women should be a properly selected composition of protein and carbohydrates to help individuals develop muscle mass and or gain weight, especially when combined with regular training.

Weight gainer shakes for females contain a unique blend of carbs, fats, protein, and sugars that are specially designed to help gain weight and add lean muscle. If this is your first time hearing about mass gainers, don't worry or be afraid, below is all the helpful information to help you choose the best weight gainer for women.

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What Is Mass Gainer?

In simple terms,  mass gainers are a group of supplements with high-calorie content for people who have trouble gaining healthy weight or wanting to bulk up. The best weight gainer for women will have high amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and even some fat.

Weight gainer shakes for females are rich in protein & carbohydrates and popular among people who want to enhance their body or increase their weight.

The use of mass gainer can benefit women who lead an active life, body-build, or who have difficulty gaining weight.  Combining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a quality weight gainer can help females achieve their goal weight.

How Can a Woman Gain Weight Fast

Women who want to gain weight fast safely and healthily should increase calories and add lean muscle mass. Key components such as diet, resistance training, rest, and even supplements can help a woman gain weight fast. Achieving sustainable, quality weight will still take time and intentionality; however, the following six tips can help females gain weight the right way.

Why Would a Woman Want To Use Weight Gainer?

Females who need to regain strength after a health problem can use a weight gainer shake to support muscle growth.

Illnesses can make one lose a lot of weight, and thus you may need to speed up your weight gain by using gainers during your recovery. If you have lost a lot of weight due to health reasons and would like to get your physique and strength back, then the best weight gainer for women could help you with.

A mass gainer for women can help them build and develop a curvy figure.

Women with an ectomorph body have little body fat and muscle mass. If you are in this category, you will struggle to add more body mass even if you increase your portion sizes. However, integrating weight gainer shakes into your meal plan can help you fill out and get the curvy body you desire.

The best weight gainer for women can help create toned muscles and a bigger physique.

If you are a gym enthusiast, fitness trainer, or experience trouble gaining weight, using a mass gainer can help you create a more muscular definition. The best weight gainer for women should contain plenty of carbohydrates to help energize your active life and a high amount of whey protein to feed your muscles. This combination of ingredients is an excellent option for people who need a post-workout recovery shake, meal replacement, or plenty of calories to supplement their diet.

5 Steps to Help Women Gain Weight Fast

1. Lift weights

Lifting weights may seem like a men's thing, but the fact is that women and men have similar muscle groups. The only thing that distinguishes them is hormones. That's why men tend to bulk up faster than women. Resistance training is very effective in helping women gain weight, build strength, and increase endurance. It is also important to incorporate the most helpful types of weight training movements.

Females who want to gain weight should focus on compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and other bodyweight movements like push-ups, pull-ups, and lunges. All these exercises target different muscles and can help you bulk up fast.

2. Include HIIT Training In Your Routine

HIIT training indeed accelerates burning fat, thereby making the body a calorie-burning machine. Although this may seem to counter your efforts to gain weight, including HIIT training in your routine can help you gain lean muscles instead of fat. For people who don't want to go to the gym or with no equipment, HIIT exercises offer one of the best ways to gain lean muscles.

3. Get Quality Sleep

Rest is one of the best things you can do for your body after working. While your body rests, it will use the nutrients and water your muscles absorb during the day to build and grow bigger muscles. Quality sleep is a must.

Considering that the human growth hormone levels are highest when we are asleep, you should always get the best rest possible. Therefore, make sure to sleep for at least 8 hours a day for better results from your workouts.

4. Increase Your Caloric Intake

Gaining muscle mass requires you to eat foods rich in protein, fat, and carbs. Complete proteins from lean animal sources, fish, dairy, eggs can help you gain weight. For vegetarians, you can opt for soybeans, buckwheat, and quinoa to make a complete diet for increasing body weight.

Also, get in the habit of consuming more carbs during breakfast to fuel your day and workouts. It is also best to eat carbohydrates post-workout as glycogen replenishment will support muscle recovery.

5. Supplement With Weight Gainer Shakes

Weight gainer shakes for women are a powerfully effective and convenient way to drastically increase calorie consumption with healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Incorporating a weight gainer supplement into your routine can be very beneficial and time-saving. Mass gainers for women have high amounts of carbohydrates and proteins and can help you gain weight faster.

What Is The Best Weight Gainer For Women?

The best weight gainer for women should be full of nutrient-rich ingredients that support healthy weight gain and lean muscle growth. Mass gainer for women is an effective way to supply the body with much-needed calories for gaining weight. 

The most effective weight gainer shakes for females will contain high-quality protein, replenishing carbohydrates, and even small amounts of fat to facilitate energy and growth.

Prolab N-Large2 Mass Gainer is the healthiest and best weight gainer for women. Prolab N-Large2 Mass Gainer is an effective formula created to support weight gain, lean muscle growth, and recovery even for females who have difficulty time gaining weight or who want to increase size.

Prolab N-Large2 Mass Gainer Benefits For Women

There's a great advantage to having an all-natural mass gainer that's non-GMO and gluten-free. The Prolab N-Large2 mass gainer is a weight gain powder that helps women generate muscle mass and gain weight. The team at Prolab crafted a formula that will boost your weight gain efforts without unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients for your body.

Features Of Prolab N-Large2 That Make It Great For Women:

  • 600 calories per serving
  • 44g of amino acids
  • 52g of whey protein
  • High and low glycemic carbs
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Superior mixability
  • Multiple delicious flavors

There's a lot to love about this weight gainer, including the affordable price. Prolab Nutrition is trusted and known for using high-quality ingredients and is America's brand for sports nutrition.

The N-Large2 mass gainer offers 52 grams of whey protein which helps to support growth, power, and recovery for hard-trainers who want to hit their training goals. The amino acid profile supports continuous repair and activates muscle growth. Additionally, they increase mental alertness, boost stamina and prevent illnesses.

To assist with post-workout repair, N-Large2 Mass Gainer combines 52 grams of whey protein, a blend of high and low glycemic carbohydrates to offer 600 energy weight gaining calories. With such high-quality ingredients, this mass gainer is ideal for women who have difficulty gaining weight or would like to bulk during the off-season.

Combining this weight-gaining formula with a healthy diet and exercise can help you achieve the figure you want to build.

The flavor and texture make it one of the best-tasting mass gainers for women available. It's not only smooth and tasty but also budget-friendly and effective. Take advantage of the N-Large2 benefits and watch your weight increase.