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What Is Pure L Glutamine? Pure L Glutamine Dosages, Uses & Benefits

What Is Pure L Glutamine? Pure L Glutamine Dosages, Uses & Benefits

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

There often comes a time when we feel like we have plateaued with muscle gain or we curse our aching bodies after an intense session. The right supplement can make a difference in recovery and mass building. But, we need to be sure that it is natural, safe, and effective. 

L Glutamine is praised as a great solution, so why is it so popular, and what is the best L Glutamine powder to take?

What Is Pure L Glutamine?

You have probably heard about amino acids when making diet plans and how essential acids in food can aid health and fitness. The body also produces some non-essential amino acids. Therefore, the L Glutamine protein is a naturally occurring substance and not some synthetic or questionable substance. We can increase our intake of pure L Glutamine when deficient or help with health and fitness issues.

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What Are The Benefits Of L Glutamine?

The benefits of taking L Glutamine relate to that idea of deficiencies within the body. We can become deficient during a range of events. Many of these are illness-related, such as stress, trauma, or a major infection. However, fitness fanatics, athletes, and bodybuilders can also develop deficiencies following vigorous exercise. 

So, the consumption or supplementation of L Glutamine can make up for those shortfalls. The choice there is whether to use powders or to make dietary changes.

The most practical solution for people that exercise a lot is often supplementation rather than dietary changes. It is easier to add a powder to a carefully controlled diet than to make drastic changes to meal plans. Those that do can then see some notable improvements.

Glutamine Benefits Bodybuilding Enthusiasts Can Benefit From:

Some of the most significant improvements as seen in muscle recovery and growth. This is why L Glutamine powder is so popular with bodybuilders and those looking for fast gains in muscle mass. 

The substance aids protein synthesis and enhances the hydration of cells, which speeds up recovery times and builds mass. It should then be easier to get back into the gym for training and get the required muscle density.

Does L Glutamine Help With Weight Loss?

This is a common question with bodybuilding and fitness supplements. Users are keen to cut fat and get a leaner shape while building muscle. There are no guarantees that you will lose weight. But, the impact on the gut microbiome and insulin sensitivity could lead to some beneficial knock-on effects. There are reports into women's health and weight loss that suggest that Glutamine burned calories and enhanced users' metabolism.

Additional Benefits of Pure L Glutamine:

You can learn more about the benefits of the best Glutamine powders here. Some of the most interesting advantages are medical. L Glutamine powder is actually used as a treatment for IBS. There are also cases of this amino acid being used in the treatment of AIDS patients, those who have had bone marrow transplants, and those who undergo chemotherapy.

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How To Take L Glutamine Powder:

The benefits of using L Glutamine Powder don't just lie with its impact on physical health. Choosing powder over tablets can be much more advantageous as you can add a dose to your meals or drinks as though it were any other ingredient. We use protein powders, so why not Pure L Glutamine Powder on top of that. You can mix it into soft foods or shakes. But remember to eat or drink the whole thing right after preparation for the best results.

What Is The Best Time To Take L Glutamine?

Timing your L Glutamine intake is essential for the best results and will depend on your overall aims. Bodybuilders and those looking for post-workout gains should consume the product about a half hour after the session. It can become an easy addition to a meal when you get home from the gym. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use L Glutamine as a daily supplement in the morning.

You can also mix pure l glutamine powder into your morning smoothie and go on with your day. Find what works best for you so you can stay consistent and get the most from the powder.

What Is An Effective L Glutamine Dosage?

You don't need a lot of this pure L Glutamine powder to see the results you need. One teaspoon per day added to your morning shake, or water bottle is enough to see improvements in muscle repair and growth. If you want to be more precise, measure out 5g. You can have a little more after intense sessions in the gym. However, be careful not to use too much else; you may end up with nausea, joint pain, or even hives.

What Is The Best Brand Of L Glutamine & Why

With so many potential benefits and such an easy method of consumption, you need the best L Glutamine powder possible. Prolab L Glutamine is a great choice because you can get a high-quality powder for post-workout recovery and other health benefits. 

Prolab L-Glutamine is a straight-forward, simple product with no questionable ingredients or additives. It is pure Glutamine powder and nothing else. So, you are sure of an effective solution for recovery and muscle gain with no surprises.

The powder comes in a large tub for plenty of doses. You can start small with the 400g tub, which is as much as 88 servings. Or, there is the 1000g tub which is more than 200 servings. An additional benefit of this product is that it is completely flavorless. You can mix it into your water, shake, or meal and not notice it is there.

In short, if you require a pure and natural form of L Glutamine supplementation, you can't go wrong with a tub of Prolab L Glutamine. Pure L Glutamine powder could be a simple aid for better gains.  

A teaspoon in the morning or after a workout should help boost your metabolism and protein synthesis for faster recovery and better muscle growth. The lack of taste, complicated preparation methods, and side effects only increase the appeal.