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The #1 Way Glutamine Benefits Bodybuilding For Best Results

The #1 Way Glutamine Benefits Bodybuilding For Best Results

Posted by Prolab Nutrition on 1st Mar 2022

Glutamine benefits bodybuilding in a variety of ways and therefore is a popular supplement among gym-goers and bodybuilders. You may not be aware, but your body can produce glutamine independently; however, rigorous training and heavy workouts can result in your body requiring more glutamine than what it can produce. For peak health and to satisfy the needs of the body, glutamine supplements come in handy.

Most bodybuilders and athletes will take glutamine for muscle growth and promoting protein synthesis. Studies have also indicated that glutamine can reduce fatigue and boost one's immune system.

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What is L-Glutamine?

We will review how glutamine benefits bodybuilding, but what is it exactly? Glutamine is an amino acid responsible for protein synthesis in the human body. Proteins are crucial in your body as they protect and support vital organs in your body. They will also transport substances in your blood to assist in repairing muscles and even curb harmful viruses.

Your body produces the amino acids glutamine, but after vigorous activities, the body may require excess glutamine, which individuals can only obtain from supplements or food. Categorically, there are two glutamine forms, i.e., D-glutamine and L-glutamine; found in chicken, fish, beef, dairy products, spinach, cabbage, carrots, wheat, kale, Misco, parsley, and beets in the L-glutamine.

Is Glutamine Good for Muscle Building?

Glutamine is known to speed up muscle recovery after intense moments of exercise or marathon running. The supplement draws water and salt into your cells hence keeping them hydrated and denser. Glutamine for muscle growth is very effective since it is a protein-building block. Studies have also proven glutamine is also effective for relieving muscle soreness. If one feels fatigued and ache in their muscles after running or rigorous training, a glutamine supplement can help eliminate the discomfort.

When Should I take Glutamine to Build Muscle?

Many people are puzzled about when to consume glutamine for muscle growth. The best time to take glutamine to build muscle is immediately following a workout, typically 30 minutes after finishing for efficient nutrient absorption. After a vigorous workout, your body requires the amino acids in plenty, and when you take the supplement post-workout, it is absorbed by the body quickly. Bodybuilders and hard-training athletes incorporate glutamine supplementation because of its ability to help repair muscle.

Absorbing the glutamine after intense exercise enhances muscle protein synthesis. Lots of micro-tears in the fibers of your muscle occur while working out. Taking glutamine benefits bodybuilding by repairing the torn muscles and preventing further muscle damage.

Your body will recover quite faster after taking glutamine and drastically reduce the recovery time. This will help you prepare for the other workout session or athletic competitions. With this supplement, you can push your limits harder and achieve greater personal records as it will repair your muscles and boost your strength. Because glutamine draws salt and water into your muscle cells, faster protein synthesis can occur.

Enlarged, swollen, and hydrated cells mean a higher rate of protein synthesis, which is also significant for muscle building.

Prolab L-Glutamine is a powder that you can mix with soft food and cold or hot drinks. L-Glutamine powder provides versatile benefits, including protecting and building lean muscles.


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What are the Benefits of Glutamine in Bodybuilding?

Glutamine benefits bodybuilding in several ways because it is directly connected with protein synthesis. This means additional stores of glutamine will protect your muscle from being consumed by your body for energy. This is a common result during intense workouts and training. Glutamine can speed up the recovery process after an intense workout session.

An intense workout will also cause muscle soreness and limit your range of motion. Glutamine for muscle soreness will curb this issue and help get you to recover faster. Glutamine is also known to enhance the production of growth hormones in your body. In this process, glutamine will ultimately support muscle growth.

Bodybuilding Benefits of Glutamine

4 Additional Benefits of Taking Glutamine?

Supplementing with Glutamine is an effective way to raise glutamine levels to ensure adequate stores after training. It will also support muscle growth and recovery. Additionally, glutamine works to enhance the immune system and promote gut health.

Supports muscle cell volumization and muscle development

Taking glutamine supplements will help you improve exercise performance and gain muscles. The supplement also hydrates your body cells which are critical for repair and growth.

Glutamine replenishes depleted glutamine levels

When one is stressed, ill, or injured, the L-glutamine levels will go down, and to counter this, your body will look for the amino acid in your muscles to fill up the gap. In the event your amino acids in the body are low, your immune system could be compromised. Glutamine supplements are recommended for illnesses or injuries such as bone marrow transplants, burns, radiation, sickle cell anemia, and chemotherapy.

Boosts the immune system

Glutamine is essential for the immune system. It is a significant energy source for your white blood cells, other immune cells, and intestinal cells. For optimum and efficient functioning, your body cells need enough proteins. Glutamine has sufficient proteins to supplement amino acids produced by your body. Glutamine for muscle growth will boost your health, decrease recovery time and reduce infections.

Promotes Intestinal health

The immune-boosting properties of this supplement will also allow it to improve your intestinal health. Your intestines make up a crucial portion of the immune system. Most of the intestinal cells bear immune functions. Glutamine being an energy source for the intestinal cells, prevents leaky gut problems.

It keeps a barrier between the inner part of your gut and the other parts of the body. The barrier prevents harmful bacteria from accessing your intestines and leaving the intestines to other body parts.

Final Thoughts

Glutamine benefits bodybuilding significantly: bodybuilders and those involved in rigorous activities such as athletes, gym rats, and fitness enthusiasts can reap its rewards. The supplement can quickly repair muscles and tissues after these activities and help you regain strength more efficiently.

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