Amino 2000

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AMINO 2000


Be invincible! Potent free form L-Amino Acid formula.

High in branch chain amino acids.

Whey Amino 2000 is a potent amino acid formula containing 2000 mg of pure, naturally occurring L-form amino acids per tablet scientifically proportioned to meet your nutritional needs.

Athletes require greater protein intakes compared to sedentary individuals in order to remain in positive nitrogen balance. Positive nitrogen balance is necessary in order to promote protein accretion and muscle growth. Whey Amino 2000 derives its protein source from pancreatic digest of whey, a high quality protein with a high protein efficiency ratio (P.E.R.) and a bioavailability rating higher than that of egg protein. Whey Amino 2000 is prepared to ensure the highest potency, freshness and maximum nitrogen availability.

Combine Whey Amino 2000 with a nutritiously complete diet and an intense training program for best results.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review