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Ultimate Stripped Stack


Lean, fit, trim, cut, shredded or toned; whichever term you use, it’s a reference to having an aesthetic, low-fat sexy body. Of course, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. You know, that self-assured feeling you get when you are in ultra-fit shape? Having a low-fat physique provides supreme confidence… whether it’s a walk on the beach or “clubbing” in body-hugging clothes. In fact, when you are in peak condition, you actually look forward to opportunities to show off your hard-earned physique.

Now, when you are ready to become ultra lean and fit, there are three strategies you should consider. First, you need to follow a calorie-conscious dietary regimen that “feeds” lean muscles with amino acids. Second, you need to rev up your metabolism to crank up the thermogenic heat. Third, you need to shuttle fats deep into cells – to the very “fat-burning factories” for incineration. PROLAB® Ultimate Stripped Stack helps to conquer each of these three elements of a successful body-transformation plan.†

Sometimes you only feel as good as you look. PROLAB® Ultimate Stripped Stack provides the tools to help you look your absolute best.†*

  • PROLAB® Whey Isolate delivers high-grade, low-fat protein to help supplement a well-planned dietary regimen.†
  • PROLAB® Thermo Fire® cranks up the thermogenic heat to turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.†
  • PROLAB® Cuts II® Gold is scientifically formulated to help optimize fat metabolism while driving efficient carbohydrate utilization.†
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