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Go The Distance Stack


During a race, as a well-conditioned endurance athlete you are easy to spot. You forge ahead with renewed passion when others have already “hit the wall.” Mile after grueling mile, your pace never falters. Your commitment to winning soars as the competition becomes little more than a trail of fall-outs behind them. So, what separates high-performing endurance athletes like you from the “wannabe” crowd? Hard training and proper nutrition, of course.

As a hard-training endurance athlete you are faced with a unique set of physiological and dietary challenges. Your intense training program requires greater caloric intake to fuel sustained activity and feed recovery. You need your body to efficiently utilize stored fat as fuel to help power Type I (slow twitch) muscle fibers and you need to help combat endurance-reducing fatigue. The PROLAB® Go The Distance Stack covers all three of your primary needs as a serious endurance athlete.†

Stop getting left in the dust; get up to speed with the PROLAB® Go the Distance Stack.†*

  • PROLAB® N-Large²™ delivers 600 metabolism-fueling calories with 90 grams of energy-sustaining carbohydrates plus 52 grams of premium, muscle-preserving protein.†
  • PROLAB® L-Carnitine works to transport and “funnel” lipids into the fat-burning “furnaces” of cells generating endurance-sustaining fuel.†
  • PROLAB® Beta Alanine Extreme® replenishes rapidly depleted muscle carnosine, which fuels muscle contractions and acts as a pH buffering agent to help delay fatigue and promote optimal endurance potential.†
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