Product Shot Big N' Buff Stack

Big N' Buff Stack


Huge, dense mass stacked on a powerful frame is a sight to behold. You know when a “big guy” is moving through a crowd by the sea of people stepping aside to let him pass. It leaves a wake of onlookers as he confidently trudges along. The only things remaining in his path are the inspired souls who endeavor to achieve such a presence.

Although you aspire to develop that kind of mass – as a classic hard-gainer – your efforts have proven futile. You just can’t pack on a single ounce of weight; no matter how hard you try. True hard-gainers require a steady flow of precision nutrients to counter their body’s elevated, lean-mass “chewing” metabolisms. The Big N’ Buff Stack incorporates three unique PROLAB® supplements. These mass stack supplements were expressly selected to help pack on the muscle.

“Size doesn’t matter” is just something small guys say. It’s time to pack on the pounds with the PROLAB® Big N’ Buff Stack.*

  • PROLAB® N-Large2™ floods the body with metabolism satisfying carbohydrates plus a muscle-loading blast of premium proteins.
  • PROLAB® Creatine Monohydrate helps to power up muscles for growth-inducing, explosive training sessions.
  • PROLAB® Amino 2000™ disperses muscle sparing amino acids through the body, including the highly valuable BCAAs that help to sustain hard-earned mass.
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