Product Shot Essential Whey

Essential Whey


ESSENTIAL WHEY provides the foundational building blocks to help grow, recover and improve muscular performance. With 21 grams of lean muscle building protein per scoop.†

Protein provides muscles with a rich source of amino acids – the building blocks of constructing muscle. Increasing the amount of readily available amino acids helps to stimulate lean muscle growth – helping you to make the most out of your workout efforts. After a session of intense training, muscles are depleted of these critical nutrients and are starving for replenishment. Taken within 60 minutes of completing a workout, a serving of Essential Whey helps to jump start recovery with a muscle-replenishing dose of essential and non-essential amino acids.†

Essential Whey is incredibly versatile making it easy to use every day and is ideal for blending into custom shakes and smoothies, adding to cereals and oatmeal, or for making a batch of protein-rich pancakes. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast or are striving for a healthier lifestyle, PROLAB ESSENTIAL WHEY is ideally suited to support your personal goal.†* You do your part. We’ll do ours.™

  • 21 grams of Pure Protein Per Scoop
  • Amino Acids Support Muscle Growth†
  • Essential Nutrients to Help Construct Lean Muscle†
  • The Every Day Protein for Balanced Nutrition†
  • Perfect for Smoothies, Pancakes and Baking†
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